Pride Sponsors & Community Partners

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We are excited to announce Pride Fest 2021 will take place on Saturday June 12th in Avondale’s entrainment district! Running in conjunction with Eat in the Streets, this family friendly festival will provide an opportunity for community to come together for a day of love and celebration accompanied by Live Entertainment, Drag, Food and Drinks, vendors, and Pride for the entire family!

What we must not forget is that we have just lived through a ferocious testing of our democracy that survived because of our history of collective resolve to act, to organize, and to look divisive oppression in the face without fear. We must continue to lift this legacy if we are to foster a future free of prejudice for all LGBTQ people. The renewed sense of hope we have, that our community, love, lives, and lived experiences are finally being recognized, must serve us as fuel to act, not reason to rest. Therefore our 2021 theme is, Together We Rise! 


As it becomes safer for us to come together once again, we hope that you will join Central Alabama Pride in 2021, as we celebrate our community and continue the important work that we’ve committed ourselves to. Whether you plan on celebrating virtually or in person, our upcoming events provide safe and creative ways to honor our local traditions while considering varying levels of personal comfort. There are many ways to celebrate Pride in Central Alabama!

2021   Sponsors

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