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Central Alabama Pride, Inc.

Central Alabama Pride, Inc.

PO Box 13859

Birmingham, AL 35203

Pride Leadership


Luis Perez


Luis Perez was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico. He's been a resident of Birmingham, Al since 2003. A four year board member, he is the first Latino elected for this position and proudly volunteer for this organization and hopes to bring all of us together to make CAP welcoming and inclusive for all.

Luis had devoted lot of his free time to causes as Community Kitchens, Warming Stations and specially supporting the Latino community. Back in 2011 he was a volunteer since the beginning of the campaign "One Family, One Alabama," that fought the anti-immigration law HB-56, making this one of his more proud moments until today.

Today he resides in the Roebuck area with his boyfriend and his 3 fur-babies, Olde English Buldoggee Patsy (10 years old), boxers Alaska (who's deaf and really special, 5 years old) and Aspen (4 years).

"As the new leader of CAP I would love to challenge, encourage, support and lift up anyone who is involved in accomplishing the things that will give to our people a voice of strength and encouragement."

Justin McGuire

Vice President

Justin is excited to serve on the CAP Board of Directors as Vice President! If you came to the VIP tent this past pride, he helped with some of the food that was served! He is excited to be new on the board and bring new and fresh ideas! He graduated with a marketing degree from UAB (Go Blazers)! He is married to Jason Cox and together they have one fur baby, Chloe. He also has a four year old step son Henry who loves to call him Da. Be who you are meant to be! Shine!

Jeff King


Live in Birmingham for 18 yrs. works at Advance Auto Parts for 17yrs. was on the pride board in 2005 & 2006. hobbies are doing photography and playing on the computer. looking forward to working with the rest of the board team and having a great Pridefest 2020.

Jason Cox


Jason is from Dothan, AL and moved to Birmingham about two years ago when he accepted a new position with his job. He is married to Justin and together they have one fur-baby, Chloe. Also, Jason has a four year old son named Henry. This will be the first year that Jason has served on the board of directors for CAP, although you may have seen him last year helping during Pride Fest. This year through CAP, Jason hopes to bring the message of hope alive and to let EVERYONE know that they are all loved and that to him they are the diamond in the rough! In closing, regardless of your sex, your color, your sexual preference, your sexual orientation, we are all one race…HUMAN!

Josette Vance

VP of Pageants

Josette has been on the board since January 2018. 

She works very closely with the up and coming entertainers in the community and with the entertainment group I-69 that her and Chryseis Griffin founded November 2018!  She is always open for new ideas to bring to the community to help us all grow and move forward. 

Josette is a huge fan of drag and always tries to make it to the fundraisers and events to support everyone.  Being married to the love of her life, our very own Tabitha Vance, they both strive to be the best power couple, not only for themselves, but for others! Josette has a soft spot for the youth in the community, and her inbox is always open for anyone to ask questions. 

Message from Josette: 

“I have come to know and love my community so much more in this last year and I am looking forward to many more years to come! Pay it forward, and never look for recognition!”

Ryan Burgett

Hi! I am Ryan. I am 40 years old and currently residing in Talladega. This is my 3rd year serving on the board. I never dreamed that by joining the board 2 years ago, I would get the experience and joy of serving our great community in the way that I have. It truly is an honor to be the face and voice for so many wonderful people of our community and others. I have a dedication and compassion for doing the things I have been able to do so far with my role. I am looking forward to this 3rd year serving on the board. If you see me out at events, or in the community, make sure you come up and say, "Hi." I would love to meet as many people that I help and serve as possible. So I hope to see you. There will be many things to experience this coming year. I am Ryan Burgess and i approve this message.

Tab Vance

VP of Security

VP of Security for Central Alabama Pride now for going on 8 years. Tabitha comes to her community with over 20 years of security experience and a family background of security.

Tabitha is also an active member of The Mystic Krewe of Caritas and she serves as the lead of the Security Committee.

Using her Persona Deuce Cocx of the Haus Of Cocx to raise money for different organizations over the years especially for the youth and her favorite non-profit MCAC. 

Planning events and helping her wife Josette Vance Coordinate all throughout the year.

Tabitha says “You get out of life what you put into it. Community means UNITY! Let’s show one another care and respect”.

Emily Sweatman

Emily Sweatman is from Birmingham, Alabama. During the day, she is  a student at Aveda Institute Birmingham. At night, you can usually find her at some of Birmingham’s favorite LGBTQ+ bars. At the age of 18, she became a drag queen. She fell in love with both the art of drag and the copious amounts of people that she have gotten to know through this art.

The LGBTQ+ community and the people that I’ve met within it have changed my life entirely. In fact, I could honestly say that they have saved it. It is because of this that I choose to dedicate myself to caring for and giving back to them. I have worked with Central Alabama Pride for one year and will be here for many, many more to come. It is both an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to serve on Central Alabama Pride Auxiliary Board and to watch throughout the year as our community comes together as one.

George Rush

George is born and raised in Birmingham AL. This is his second year serving on the board. He has helped out at PrideFest for past 10 years.

He is excited to be on the board of directors again this year. 

Ron Collins

My 6th year volunteering with Central Alabama Pride, 4 years serving as a member of the Board Of Directors. I have been Event Chair of the Interfaith Worship Service. Co Chair and Chair of the Advisory Committee, Event Chair of VIP, Parade. and Rainbow Village (vendor area). I moved from Atlanta in 2012. While in Atlanta I was involved in the Pride Parade and Aids Walk. In 2012 I attend my first Pride Week after moving back to Alabama. I was part of those early days in Rusftin Park, Lynn Park, and Avondale Park.  I was glad to see that Pride was now bigger and better; I think we have made progress in these last 7 years, but there is still room for improvement. I very happy that I have the opportunity to continue helping Central Alabama pride become the best it can be.

Toni Mucciarone

Toni is from Baltimore, MD and move to Alabama in December 2015 from Nashville, TN. This is her second year serving with the pride board. She works at T-Mobile and is very involved with Diversity & Inclusion  group there and is the Lead for the Veterans and Allies Network at the Birmingham Call Center. She is married to her beautiful wife Jana and has four children with her  (six, if you count the fur babies). Toni has a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and its working towards her MBA.

Toni is excited to be on the board of directors and looking forward to the coming year 

Stacey Waites

Stacey Waites is an Analyst who works at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama in the IT Corporate Asset Management Department. She has been with the company for 19 years, startingin the Customer Service Department and working her way to IT. Stacey has lived in the Birmingham area for 30+ years and currently lives in the Hoover area.
She is married to Amy Crowe and will be shortly enjoying their 5 th year anniversary. She is a current member of Edgewood Presbyterian Church. Stacey believes that her life and work experience will benefit the Central Alabama Pride because
of her willingness to help and her eye for detail. Stacey has an unshakable work ethic, and continues to support and encourage others around her. She also has ties within the community through playing in a local NAGAA softball team in
the past. Stacey is open, honest and fair with all that she comes in contact with.Stacey is a graduate from Hewitt Trussville and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business from Huntingdon College.

Auxiliary Board

Trisha Gibson

Trish Gibson has been on the auxiliary board since last year. Trish has been working extra hard learning everything she can to grow in the community and to be a great leader.

Trish loves to help at PrideFest and excels with her positive attitude in helping to run the Central Alabama Pride Pageants as one of this year’s pageant coordinator. Being a part of I-69 has given her a lot of backstage perspective.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller

Haley Wallace

Haley is 22 years old and a resident of Birmingham, Al. Haley has been a volunteer of Central Alabama Pride for the last 8 months and she hopes to put in many more years of dedication. Pride to me is remaining strong and confident and loving who you are.

She hopes to show this to all of those in the LGBTQ+ community and all of it's allies!.

Addison Vontrell

Addison and her husband Jesse have been active for years in the Birmingham Community. She has been in the art of female impersonation for 10 years. She is the Entertainment Specialist at the Legendary Quest Club, in Birmingham, Alabama. Addison is the originator and mother of the House of Vontrell. She is best known, for her beauty, poise, sense of humor, RBF, and making everyone smile. Her mission while working in the art of drag is, “I may not be the prettiest queen, the best dancer, the most comical, but after watching my show you’ll defiantly feel like you have watched an actual show, and to also grow the passion and love in the younger drag generation.” Addison has many previous titles and current including, Miss 2nd Chance Prom Queen 2013, Miss Druid 2014, Miss Quest 2015, Miss Caritas 2016, Miss Ratchet 2017, Miss Halloween 2016, Miss Merry Christmas 2017, Calendar Queen Emeritus, Miss Pride on the Plains 2018 and Miss Central Alabama Pride 2018, Miss Ratchet 2019, and Miss Icon 2019....with more to come. She is dedicated to continuing her service to the community.


Jonathan Ray Brockman

Jonathan Brockman is a native to Birmingham, AL and has returned “home” after a few years living and working in Georgia and Florida. Jonathan brings a positive attitude and is full of ideas on how to make CAP better than ever! Jonathan is a professional by day and “social butterfly” by night, he has never met a stranger and isn’t afraid to talk to anyone. If you see him out and about make sure to tell him hello. Jonathan can’t wait to get to work with CAP to bring our community together.